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Woodblock Printed Linens

Posted on Oct 17, 2014

Amid a bustling economic and artistic landscape in Jaipur, India, the processĀ of woodblock printing artisan linens still reigns as an integral art form nearly three centuries since it was first introduced. Families of woodblock printers in Jaipur, one of India’s first-planned cities, have...

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Fall Skywatching

Posted on Oct 3, 2014

As we trend toward longer nights in the northern hemisphere, this fall should provide some stunning skywatching events. So mark your calendar, grab your telescope and a thermos of cocoa to keep you warm, and settle in for these fabulous nighttime spectacles.   October 8: Lunar Eclipse Kick off...

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Traditional North African Tagines

Posted on Sep 27, 2014

A tagine is a traditional Berber meal from North Africa, named after the clay dish the meal is cooked in. The dish contains 2 pieces, the flat circular base with low sides and a large cone that loosely sits on the base. The cone-shaped cover is designed to return condensation from steam produced...

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