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Geographic Information Systems

National Geographic Beyond Our Galaxy Special Issue
National Geographic Beyond Our Galaxy Special Issue
(Based on 1 review)
Category: Magazines/National Geographic Magazine

From our solar system neighbors to our galactic home and beyond, this issue reveals unprecedented images of galaxies, nebulae, and planets. Also included are informative diagrams and 18 space maps.Beyond Our Galaxy unveils the most provocative view of the universe captured by telescopes and space probes. Our exciting new "atlas" format conveys the latest information from the multiverse.

National Geographic Guide To Medicinal Herbs
National Geographic Guide To Medicinal Herbs
(Based on 2 reviews)
Category: Books/Animals and Nature/Nature and Environment

There is a world of health and healing all around you—in your spice rack, your backyard, and on the shelves of health food and grocery stores. This informative guide is a reference you will keep at the ready, connecting 72 of the world's most common and useful medicinal herbs with the body systems they help and heal. Eight chapters focus on body systems: 1. Mental Health & the Nervous System 2. Respiratory System 3. Heart & Circulation 4. Digestive System 5. Joints, Muscles & Skin 6. Urinary & Male Health 7. Female Health 8. Wellness & Perception

National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the U.S., 7th Edition
National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the U.S., 7th Edition
(Based on 4 reviews)
Category: Books/Travel and Adventure/Travel Best Sellers

Packed with more color photographs (380) and detailed color maps (80) than any other parks guidebook on the market, this handy, practical guide, completely updated for the 2012 edition, offers comprehensive information on the crown jewels of the national park system—the 58 scenic national parks that conserve and protect the flora and fauna in some of our nation's last wilderness areas.

Stress: Portrait of a Killer DVD
Stress: Portrait of a Killer DVD
(Based on 5 reviews)
Category: DVDs/Science and Space

Over the last three decades, science has been advancing our understanding of stress—how it impacts our bodies and how our social standing can make us more or less susceptible. From baboon troops on the plains of Africa, to neuroscience labs at Stanford University, scientists are revealing just how lethal stress can be. Research tells us that the impact of stress can be found deep within us, shrinking our brains, adding fat to our bellies, even unraveling our chromosomes. Understanding how stress works can help us figure out ways to combat it and how to live a life free of the tyranny of this contemporary plague. In Stress: Portrait of a Killer, scientific discoveries in the field and in the lab prove that stress is not just a state of mind, but something measurable and dangerous.