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Geographic Features and Resources

National Geographic 125 Years
National Geographic 125 Years
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Category: Books/Exploration

Featuring show-stopping imagery and thrilling behind-the-scenes tales, National Geographic 125 Years captures the heart of National Geographic's fascinating history, from its earliest days as a scientific club to its growth into one of the world's largest geographic organizations. The book reveals how much we've come to know about our fascinating world through the pages and unforgettable imagery of National Geographic, and taps key voices from the forefront of ocean and space exploration, climate science, archaeology, mountaineering, and many other disciplines to peer with us over the horizon and see where we are heading in the future.

National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia
National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia
(Based on 1 review)
Category: Books/Kids Books and Atlases/Atlases and Reference

Hey, why is that funny-looking monkey on TV hanging upside down? Is that fuzzy, chubby guy in the back yard a woodchuck or a groundhog? Now you can find answers to these and hundreds more questions and curiosities right at your fingertips! Featuring 2,500 species and packed with stunning color photographs, amazing animal facts, maps, and more, the new National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive resource of its kind available today, amazing and entertaining readers while providing them with authoritative information about the animal kingdom.

Great Mysteries Classics DVD Collection
Great Mysteries Classics DVD Collection
(Based on 2 reviews)
Category: DVDs/Adventure and Exploration

Explore some of history’s enduring mysteries in this three-disc collection featuring five National Geographic classics. Join the quest to reveal the real story behind Princess Anastasia’s death; investigate the mysterious disappearances of ships, planes and people in the Bermuda Triangle; and join the search for new clues to what really happened during the infamous escape from Alcatraz. From Amelia Earhart’s shocking disappearance to tantalizing new clues surrounding the identity of Jack the Ripper, National Geographic explores history’s great unsolved mysteries from a fresh perspective, revealing new evidence, theories and insights.

The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel
The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel
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Category: Books/Travel and Adventure/Travel Best Sellers

National Geographic’s ultimate resource for traveling with your furry friend features hundreds of dog-friendly places to pamper your pooch, from doggie daycare to canine cruises. Special features include walks you can take with your dog, insider tips from local pet parents on how to best enjoy their area with a pup, and sidebars detailing unique opportunities for coddled canines, such as winery hikes in California wine country.