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Celtic Knot Designs

Irish Celtic Knot Druzy Necklace
Irish Celtic Knot Druzy Necklace
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Category: Jewelry/Bracelets

The Celtic knot, or triquetra, that frames this sparkling necklace dates back to the 6th-century, when art from Ireland and the British Isles developed into a style that was unique from the rest of Europe. Illuminated manuscripts like the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Book of Durrow, and the Book of Kells are full of illustrations featuring complex knotwork. In Celtic and Pagan traditions, the triquetra symbolizes earth, sun, and sky, or the stages of a woman’s life: young woman, mother, and grandmother. In Christian tradition, it is a symbol of the holy trinity.

Celtic Knot Pewter Pendant Watch
Celtic Knot Pewter Pendant Watch
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Category: Jewelry/Women's Watches

In this twist on the classic pocket watch, a petite timepiece becomes a dramatic pendant. The steel-alloy watch features a Celtic knot etched into the pewter-finished case. Can also be clipped onto a purse using the included carabiner. Crafted by a Birmingham, England, company that has been making pewter since 1797.

Charcoal Irish Celtic Wool Pullover
Charcoal Irish Celtic Wool Pullover
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Category: Member Products/Apparel & Accessories

Croagh Patrick, where Ireland's patron saint spent 40 days fasting, is the country's most famous pilgrimage site. On "Reek Sunday," the final Sunday in July, tens of thousands of pilgrims climb its 2,500-foot peak. Nestled at Croagh Patrick's feet is the picturesque town of Westport, with majestic mountains on one side and the wild Atlantic on the other. It is here that our worsted wool pullover is made. Its thick-knit collar is inviting on cold days, and the three-quarter buttoned neck allows for easy layering. The Celtic knot design is inspired by the 8th-century Book of Kells.

Available sizes: Large, Medium, XLarge, XXLarge
Celtic Pewter Key Chain
Celtic Pewter Key Chain
(Based on 4 reviews)
Category: Travel/Travel Accessories

Bring some of the luck o' the Irish wherever you go with this pewter and steel keychain, embellished with a classic Celtic trinity knot, also called the triquetra. Found in ancient Celtic texts like the Book of Kells, it has also become a symbol of the Christian holy trinity. In Celtic tradition, it symbolizes strength and unity—the knot itself has no beginning or end.