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Beautiful Travel Photograph Books

National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry
National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry
(Based on 5 reviews)
Category: Books/Kids Books and Atlases/Animals and Nature

"Out of a windless August night
A luna moth in ghostly light
Beat softly on my window screen
Tick-tick-ticking-all silver green.
She whispered secrets in my ear—
I am but a stranger here.
The stars are scrawled across the sky/By ghostwriters, the Moon and I.
You will not see me here tonight—/I have a thousand stars to write.”

I Dreamed of Flying Like a Bird
I Dreamed of Flying Like a Bird
(Based on 2 reviews)
Category: Books/Kids Books and Atlases/Animals and Nature

Climb aboard a helicopter with National Geographic photographer Robert Haas and journey all over the world in search of wild animals and exotic places. Cruise over the savanna grasslands of Africa and watch from above as lions hunt buffalos, one of the few "fair fights" in the African wilderness. Enjoy the spectacle as brilliant pink flamingos run faster and faster along the surface of the water before taking off and landing to form the perfect shape of a huge flamingo. Track muddy footprints across a rain-drenched salt pan to find a lone wildebeest that joins a herd of zebras. Even catch a glimpse of a large group of sharks that glide silently through shallow water in search of their next meal.

China, 3rd Edition
China, 3rd Edition
(Based on 1 review)
Category: Books/Travel and Adventure/Traveler Guidebooks/Asia

This beautiful guide makes the vast enigma of China accessible to every traveler. Filled with a myriad of useful information and travel tips, it features cut-away illustrations of renowned structures, detailed maps, and sumptuous photographs. Broken into chapters by cities and areas, it describes the best sites throughout the country, including Beijing; dynamic, modern Shanghai; the fertile Yangze region; Guilin and its fabled limestone pillars; Tibet; the Silk Road; Inner Mongolia; Hong Kong; and Macau, all prefaced by an elaborate introduction to the rich Chinese history and culture.

Visions of Earth
Visions of Earth
(Based on 14 reviews)
Category: Books/Animals and Nature/Nature and Environment

Visions of Earth raises a curtain on the wonders of the world and thrills us with nature's opulence and humanity's splendor. Each image alone exposes a nugget of our planet's magnificence; the totality of the collection goes beyond our imagination. Turning the pages, viewers are struck by the richness of life on Earth. One photograph is more awe-inspiring than the next—chosen by veteran National Geographic magazine photo editors to present what is visually incredible. The photographs are drawn from the popular "Visions of Earth" feature in the magazine, (rated Number 1 by readers), from our own storied Image Collection, and from renowned photographers throughout the world, many never-before published.