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Amethyst Jewelry for Formal Occasions

Balinese Amethyst Cuff
Balinese Amethyst Cuff
(Based on 9 reviews)
Category: Jewelry/Bracelets
Balinese silversmith Wayan Sarjana comes from a family of craftsmen, and after years of apprenticeship, now runs his own home workshop near the craft market of his island village. Sarjana elaborates on ancient Indonesian designs to evoke a historical and mystical mood in his jeweled creation. Floral scrolls frame a faceted amethyst center in this exquisite sterling silver bracelet.
Mongolian-style Filigree Necklace
Mongolian-style Filigree Necklace
(Based on 1 review)
Category: Clothing/Jewelry/Necklaces

Mongolian filigree is a laborious, delicate jeweler’s art whose lineage includes Fabergé eggs and the trousseaux of Qing dynasty empresses. Few artisans in China remain who can achieve this level of precise detail, but by adapting these time-honored techniques for modern tastes, craftspeople are able to continue making a living through this ancient art. Here, colorful faceted amethyst and peridot alternate within links of high-gloss enamel and intricate 24-karat-gold-vermeil filigree to create an accent fit for a queen.

Thai Dragonfly Brooch
Thai Dragonfly Brooch
(Based on 5 reviews)
Category: Jewelry/Rings and Pins
An iridescent dragonfly alights on your lapel, its body a collection of semiprecious gems and minerals: black agate, garnet, amethyst, peridot, citrine, blue topaz, and marcasite—a traditional material in Thai jewelry. Dragonflies develop underwater, and when they emerge they shed their outer layer, revealing their typically brilliant colors. This granulated sterling silver pin, handcrafted in Thailand, captures the aerobatics and glimmering hues of these ''devil's darning needles.''
Marco Polo Gemstone Earrings
Marco Polo Gemstone Earrings
(Based on 12 reviews)
Category: Jewelry/Earrings
Venetian explorer and trader Marco Polo was one of the first Westerners to travel the Silk Road, bringing European goods to Asia and returning with, among other things, precious gems. Here, the journey is embodied in garnet, peridot, amethyst, and granulated 24-k gold vermeil. Renaissance designer Benvenuto Cellini's work for the Medici family is adapted by Chinese jewelers using faceted gems mined in India—true fusion of three cultures. Read more about Marco Polo's journey in Mike Edwards' 2001 series of articles for National Geographic magazine.