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Mysteries of the Deep: Legendary Shipwrecks DVD Set

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Discover the astonishing real-life stories behind the world's most famous underwater mysteries in three extraordinary National Geographic presentations.

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  • Lost Ships of the Mediterranean: Approximately 60 minutes; © 2000
  • Last Voyage of the Lusitania: Approximately 60 minutes; © 1994
  • Secrets of the Titanic: Approximately 55 minutes; © 1986

Title List

Lost Ships of the Mediterranean - See the oldest shipwrecks ever found in the deep Mediterranean; relive the excitement of an ancient wreck discovered by a U.S. Navy nuclear sub; and probe the secrets of these unprecedented archaeological ''time capsules'' and the clues they offer to an extraordinary, ancient civilization that dates back to biblical times.

Last Voyage of the Lusitania - The date is May 7, 1915, just nine months into World War I. A German U-boat torpedoes the Lusitania—one of the largest and fastest luxury liners in the world. Of the 1,959 people aboard, including millionaire Alfred Vanderbilt, nearly two-thirds die. Many are trapped inside as the great ship sinks in just eighteen minutes.

Secrets of the Titanic - The unsinkable ship sank at 2:20 a.m. on April 14, 1912. Approximately 1,500 people perished with her. For seven decades the fabled liner lay hidden 13,000 feet below the North Atlantic surface. Finally, in 1985, explorer Bob Ballard and a French-American team located the Titanic. Join Ballard on the search and see what his team saw.

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 Mysteries of the Deep: Legendary Shipwrecks DVD Set
 Mysteries of the Deep: Legendary Shipwrecks DVD Set