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Surviving Paradise: Hawaiian Monk Seals DVD



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Crittercam is on assignment in a wildlife paradise. A string of tiny atolls and islands, almost 1,000 kilometers from civilization, the northwest Hawaiian Islands are a refuge for nearly 30 species of sea birds, endangered green sea turtles and a living fossil: the Hawaiian monk seal. For almost two decades, the population of monk seals has plummeted continuously and is now on the brink of extinction.

Only an estimated 1,300 monk seals survive in the northwest Hawaiian Islands. In the main breeding colony, French Frigate Shoals, only two out of 10 pups survive to their second birthday. Frank Parrish and a dedicated team from NOAA's Fishery Service are determined to uncover what is killing these extraordinary creatures, employing the most cutting-edge technology available to find the answers.

Bonus programs: Crittercam: Inside the Reef; Wild Chronicles: Archipelago Photography; Wild Chronicles: Archipelago Marine Debris.

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  • Widescreen version
  • Approximately 52 minutes
  • © 2006

 Surviving Paradise: Hawaiian Monk Seals DVD
 Surviving Paradise: Hawaiian Monk Seals DVD