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Tunisian Hand-painted Tagine

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Anyone fortunate enough to have traveled in North Africa can attest to how delicious the traditional tagine is. Both the name of the cuisine and the name of the dish that is used to prepare it, tagine is a Berber meal that often includes meat or poultry, a mix of aromatic spices, and additions such as raisins or dates, preserved lemons, and almonds—all served over couscous. The base doubles as the serving dish, and removing the cone-shaped lid at the table always makes for a dramatic and mouth-watering presentation.

Artisans in the coastal Tunisian town of Nabeul create this earthenware tagine by hand, from forming it on a potter’s wheel to painting the design entirely freehand. The designs are inspired by gateways and wrought ironwork doors at the 8th-century medina of Tunis.

This three-piece set includes the dish, the lid, and a diffuser so it can be used directly on a stovetop. It is also oven-safe. Unlike the other items in our Tunisian pottery collection, the tagine is made of refractory clay, which means it has a high concentration of mica, quartz, and iron that allows it to be used for slow cooking over low heat. Please note that the dish and lid do not form an airtight seal. This allows some of the steam to escape during cooking, while the sloped lid directs condensation back into the dish, keeping everything moist and tender.


Handcrafted in Tunisia. Approximately 10 1/2" diameter x 11 1/2". Holds just over 3 1/2 quarts; large enough to cook a tagine for four.

Care Info

Safe for use on a stovetop over low heat. Diffuser is included and is recommended. Oven safe to 350° F. Do not freeze. Hand-wash.

Tagine must be seasoned before the first use by soaking, rubbing with oil, and slowly heating. Instructions for seasoning are included, along with several recipes.