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Roman Glass Cascade Earrings

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Artist Mickey Lynn transforms ancient materials into a contemporary, cascading pair of earrings. She pairs fragments of Roman-era glass with drops of moonstone, clear quartz, white agate, and gold-covered pyrite. The 2,000-year-old glass is authentic; fragments like these are abundant at archaeological sites throughout the vast territory of the former Roman Empire. Lynn gives these pieces of glass, which may have once been part of a wine glass or water jug, a new life as evocative pieces of jewelry. Streams of gold-plated chain connect this timeless collection of watery hues.


Handcrafted in Atlanta, U.S.A. Roman glass, moonstone, clear quartz, white agate, gold coated pyrite, gold-plated brass. 3 1/4". 14-karat gold fill ear wires.