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Panama Hat Wide Brim

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Size Chart
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As far back as the early 19th century, U.S. and European travelers sported the summer-weight, woven palm hats we’ve come to know as Panama hats. Although they’ve always been made in Ecuador, they got their name from the Isthmus of Panama, where they were exported from. California gold miners were among the first to sport these flexible, sun-blocking hats. When President Theodore Roosevelt was pictured wearing one during a visit to the Panama Canal, the Panama hat’s popularity exploded.

The hats are an inherited art, passing from generation to generation. Farmers grow and harvest stems of the toquilla palm, then boil and sun-bleach it to achieve supple, white fibers. The handwoven hats are recognized around the globe as a symbol of tropical style, perfect for keeping cool during summer sightseeing.


Handwoven in Ecuador of natural toquilla straw. Cotton twill sweatband; linen hatband. Crown is approximately 3"H. Brim is between 2–3"W. Sizes M (circumference at browbone 22 1/2–22 3/4"), L (23 1/4–23 5/8"), XL (24–24 1/2").

Care Info

Store in a dry environment. Spot clean with a damp cloth. Can be reshaped using a steam iron.

 Panama Hat Wide Brim
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