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The Golden King: The World of Tutankhamun

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Tutankhamun has mesmerized the world ever since Howard Carter's dramatic discovery of his treasure-filled tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, a priceless trove that casts a spell on everyone that sees it. In this richly illustrated book, Egypt's leading archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, chronicles the Boy King and the royal dynasty that bred him.

Tut's grandfather, the Sun King Amenhotep III, married queen Tiye before they reached their teens, then ruled for 40 years. Their heretical son, Akhenaten, abandoned Egypt's pantheon to worship a single god; his wife Nefertiti is still remembered as one of history's legendary beauties. Tutankhamun ascended the throne as a child and died before the age of 20,, but the splendor of his brief reign and the sensational unearthing of his tomb have made him the most famous of all the pharaohs.

This authoritative text is highlighted by scores of stunning photographs, including archival images from the first great era of Egyptian archaeology, when Carter and other Westerners reawakened the world to the golden glory of the ancient civilization explored in this dazzling book.


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