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Lost Treasures of Afghanistan DVD



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This film brings together different stories of heroism and bravery in war-torn Afghanistan.

Explore the Bamiyan Valley with archaeologist Dr. Tarzi as he digs for a long-forgotten monastery that houses the 1,000 foot Buddha in his ultimate quest to honor the Bamiyan people and their history. Also join Russian archaeologist Victor Sarianidi as he unveils and confirms whether gold treasures found underneath the Presidential palace were indeed the Bactrian Hoard treasure he helped discover and catalog two decades ago. And finally, listen to the different stories of brave Afghani artists and archivists as they recount how they went about protecting and preserving works of art and film archives from certain destruction by the Taliban.

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  • Approximately 55 minutes
  • © 2006

 Lost Treasures of Afghanistan DVD
 Lost Treasures of Afghanistan DVD