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America the Wild DVD

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National Geographic joins award-winning presenter and naturalist Casey Anderson on a series of breathtakingly wild adventures. From camping out on a wild island, investigating "monster" wolves and rappelling in search of elusive vampire bats; to flying in to witness a face-off between bighorn sheep and mountain lions; to venturing into the heart of darkness to experience the unknown world of Yellowstone’s grizzlies at night, Casey goes up close and personal with rare, endangered, and deadly species in the stunning natural ecosystems that they call home.

Episodes include Monster Wolf, American Vampire, Super Moose, Mountain Lion vs. Bighorn, Gator Country, and Night of the Grizzly.

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  • 2 discs; 270 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2013

Title List

Monster Wolf
Casey Anderson scours Canada’s wild West Coast for clues to reveal who or what is terrorizing Vancouver Island: are these wolves, monsters, or a little of both?

American Vampire
Casey pushes to the frontlines of a vampire bat invasion in Texas and drops into the darkness of the “torture chamber” deep in the juggles of Mexico to discover what will be at stake when vampires arrive in America.

Super Moose
Casey builds a custom “Super Moose” and goes undercover to explain bizarre and unpredictable moose behavior during the peak of the mating season—when moose leave behind their solitary day-to-day existence to gather in a spectacular hormone-fueled frenzy known as a “supergroup.”

Mountain Lion vs. Bighorn
In the barren desert southwest, Casey Anderson struggles with thorny cactus, rugged terrain and intense emotions to stop a predator he loves, the mountain lion, from devastating fragile populations of bighorn sheep.

Gator Country
A changing Everglades is putting pressure on its two most iconic predators: the American alligator and American crocodile. As crocodiles move north, their ranges are increasingly overlapping with gator territory. In this episode, Casey travels to the Florida Everglades to see which of these animals will reign supreme.

Night of the Grizzly
Casey is haunted by an old campfire tale that goes something like this: Just as darkness falls, a grizzly turns up in camp; but this is no ordinary grizzly—it’s a bold, aggressive predator, concealing itself in a cloak of darkness—a “Night Grizzly.” Now, Casey will embark on the first-ever mission to understand, once and for all, if this legend has real teeth.

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