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Scrimshaw ''Whale Tooth'' Walking Stick

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Sailors on whaling ships in the 18th century were usually at sea for a year or more. Many developed hobbies and practiced crafts to pass the long hour, often making presents for sweethearts and family at home. One of the most iconic “souvenirs” from these arduous voyages is scrimshaw, the name given to intricate etchings on whale teeth and bone, as well as walrus tusks. The etchings were darkened with soot or tobacco to highlight the design.

This handsome replica “whale tooth” walking stick is typical of the style and features a whaling scene on one side and a fanciful fish on the other. It’s inspired by scrimshaw found in England’s Hull Maritime Museum, which has the largest collection of scrimshaw in Europe. Handcrafted by a company that has been a purveyor of gentlemen’s accessories since 1939.


Handcrafted in England. Poly resin and limestone “whale tooth” handle; black-stained maple-wood; shaft nickel sleeve; rubber ring tip. 36"L; 5"L handle.