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Wild Detectives DVD Set

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Why do penguins swim deep into the ocean when their favorite food is right at the surface? What does a lion cub do in its den when no one's watching? How do scientists decode the secret language of whales? Kids will travel the globe to uncover the answers to these and other puzzling animal mysteries with National Geographic's four-episode series Wild Detectives.

With the help of the Crittercam, an ultra-cool spy camera, kids see life through the wild eyes of bears, seals, sea turtles, and other amazing creatures. Featuring a fun, interactive format and awesome undercover filmmaking, Wild Detectives turns kids into super-sleuths and opens them to a world of animal discovery.

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  • 2 discs; 100 minutes
  • Includes 3-minute mysteries and more
  • © 2007
  • Ages 6-12

Title List

Programs Include: Animals Under Cover

  • Spy Tools
  • Mysteries of the Deep
  • Penguin Adventures

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     Wild Detectives DVD Set
     Wild Detectives DVD Set