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Masters of the Arctic Ice DVD



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Journey to the top of the world to witness firsthand how the planet's changing climate is affecting the creatures that inhabit the icy Arctic. See how the quickly melting Arctic ice affects the survival skills of ringed seals, polar bears, and narwhals. These Arctic creatures have become masters at negotiating the perils of this frozen world, but their dependence on the ice is also their greatest vulnerability. National Geographic's Crittercam technology provides a never-before-seen perspective on this changing world. See how the resourceful creatures of the Arctic are learning to adapt—from their own point of view.

Bonus features: Killer Whales of the Fjord & photo gallery.

Not available for shipment outside of the U.S. and Canada.


  • 1 disc; 52 minutes
  • © 2007

 Masters of the Arctic Ice DVD
 Masters of the Arctic Ice DVD