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The Gift of Kings
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Though many people know of the legendary gifts of the Magi, few have experienced the extraordinary scent of frankincense and myrrh. These fragrant resins, used by ancient Greeks and Romans for medicinal and religious purposes, can be enjoyed on your evening fire or as incense. Our special set comes in an intricately inlaid wooden box that itself comes in a beautiful velvet pouch.


Comes in a 8''W x 2''D x 2''H box within a velvet gift bag. Take care when opening the box; the resin is loose inside.

If you would like to burn the resin as incense, you will need a brazier that can hold a few nuggets over a flame. Don't light the resin directly, as you would with cone or stick incense. Since frankincense and myrrh are tree resin, the nuggets will not burn down to ash, but rather they will bubble and melt, which can permanently blacken the surface it's burned on.