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French Laguiole Knife
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Forged from stainless steel in the Aubrac region of southern France, the couteau de Laguiole or Laguiole pocketknife has been proudly carried by farmers and merchants alike for almost 200 years.

The detailed, handworked olive-wood handle holds a corkscrew and razor-sharp folding blade that will last for a lifetime of adventure.

The bee motif on the leather case is a symbol of Napoleon, but some say the image is actually a cattle fly and alludes to farmers who first used the knives in the 1800s in Laguiole village.

It is said the corkscrew was added to the design years later at the demand of local waiters.


  • 8''L open; 4''L folded
  • Crowned with brass ends
  • Sharpening steel included
  • Leather case and elegant box included