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The Real George Washington DVD

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Founding father, commander of the Continental Army and America's first president—George Washington's face is as familiar as the dollar bill. Today, archaeologists, scientists and historians are applying innovative forensic techniques to reveal the man behind the myth. We join a team, funded by the National Geographic Society, that has discovered the ruins of George Washington's childhood home—its exact location had been a mystery until now. As they comb the site, they unearth two cellars and a collection of incredible artifacts that help set the record straight on his fabled youth. Then, despite Washington's dignified image, we learn he engaged in the dirty business of espionage. During the American Revolution, he habitually used secret codes, invisible ink and misinformation to deceive the British. We also unearth reminders of his intimate relationship with slavery at his Mount Vernon estate and executive mansion. Finally, watch forensic investigators re-create Washington's face—not as painters and sculptors have romanticized him, but as The Real George Washington.

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  • 1 disc; 50 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2008

 The Real George Washington DVD
 The Real George Washington DVD