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National Geographic Live! The Photographers: Lanting & Kendrick DVD



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National Geographic Live! brings you entertaining and visually spectacular presentations by dynamic National Geographic explorers, scientists, photographers, and naturalists. In this volume, learn about the captivating work of National Geographic photographers Frans Lanting and Robb Kendrick.

For Wings of the Albatross, Lanting documented the world of the albatross, a bird enshrined in legend and poetry. Traveling to the various Pacific island locations that serve the birds as way stations for aerial journeys of hundreds of miles over the ocean, Lanting captured hauntingly beautiful images of these graceful birds in flight, as well as intimate moments in their island breeding grounds.

On 21st Century Cowboys, Robb Kendrick traveled the western U.S. and Mexico to produce a fascinating portrait of the modern heirs to the cowboy legacy. A master of tintype, a technique of wet plate photography on metal that was widely used in the mid-19th century, Kendrick has created a portfolio of images that evoke the look and feel of another time while faithfully recording modern subjects and views.

Bonus features: interviews with the photographers.

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  • 1 disc; 90 minutes
  • © 2008

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 National Geographic Live! The Photographers: Lanting & Kendrick DVD
 National Geographic Live! The Photographers: Lanting & Kendrick DVD