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Is It Real? Vampires DVD

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National Geographic explores centuries of vampire lore and legend—unearthing new science and insights on superstition and psychology.

For most of us, the vampire is a fictional count who became a horror movie icon. But is there more to the legend than fiction? Do the undead actually walk among us? From a self-proclaimed modern-day blood-drinking vampire, to a bishop who claims to have exorcized vampires and demons, to experts in anthropology, forensics, folklore and vampirism, Is It Real? Vampires sheds light on why this archetypal image has haunted us for so long.

Bonus program: Vampire Forensics.

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  • 1 disc; approximately 50 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2010

 Is It Real? Vampires DVD
 Is It Real? Vampires DVD