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Hawaii: Strangers in Paradise DVD

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Explore the Hawaiian Islands, an archipelago born of volcanic eruptions tens of millions of years ago. Fertile for evolution and protected by the immense Pacific Ocean, this isolated tropical haven produced an explosion of wildlife found nowhere else on earth. Once able to flourish, exquisite creatures such as the ancient green sea turtle, the playful monk seal, and the Hawaiian honeycreeper now exist in fragile habitats.

Since the arrival of man 2,000 years ago, 70% of all native species have disappeared. Ironically, Hawaii's plans and animals must now rely on man's intervention in order to survive. Watch as conservation heroes dangle from the cliffs of Moloka'i, risking their lives to hand-pollinate endangered flowers.

Bonus Feature: The Making of Hawaii: Strangers in Paradise.

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  • 1 disc; 60 minutes
  • © 2008

 Hawaii: Strangers in Paradise DVD
 Hawaii: Strangers in Paradise DVD