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National Geographic Bee 2008 DVD



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Do you know that Cochabamba is the third largest conurbation (an aggregation of urban communities) in Bolivia? This was the final daunting question in the 20th annual National Geographic Bee—where eleven-year-old sixth-grader Akshay Rajagopal of Lincoln, Nebraska, took top honors.

National Geographic presents the nail-biting final round of the 2008 National Geographic Bee, moderated by Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek. Fifty-five state and territory winners took part in the preliminary rounds of the 2008 National Geographic Bee and nearly 5 million students take part in the National Geographic Bee each year, starting with the school-level. Now watch the top ten finalists square off in the ultimate geographic challenge.

This DVD makes a great study tool for future contestants.

Bonus Printable Excerpt: The National Geographic Bee Study Guide.

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  • 1 disc; 57 minutes
  • © 2008

 National Geographic Bee 2008 DVD
 National Geographic Bee 2008 DVD