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National Geographic brings a century of incomparable travel expertise to this extraordinary series of world tours. These information-packed guides offer savvy advice and the in-depth information that sophisticated travelers demand. Each guide features detailed background and site descriptions, mapped walking and driving tours, and full-service sidebars with fascinating vignettes on history, culture, and contemporary life. There's also a 60-page directory of visitor information, including notable hotels and restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. And foldout end flaps, printed with maps and quick reference information, serve as handy bookmarks.

National Geographic Traveler: Beijing presents a comprehensive portrait of the city, including the dramatic changes it underwent for the 2008 Olympics. Detailed maps as well as specifics about the new transportation system help visitors navigate this intriguing capital city, plus interesting excursions beyond. The guide features cut-away illustrations of renowned structures plus descriptions of such well-known sites as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace. The guide explores lesser known sites as well, including the Muslim Quarter, Baoguo Temple, Military Museum, Fragrant Hills Park, and the Great Wall—including a trek from Lotus Mountain to Huanghua Cheng.

  • Softcover
  • 272 pages
  • 170 color photographs, 17 maps
  • 5 1/4" x 8 1/2"
  • © 2008

"A thorough, intelligently presented, well-illustrated guide, it will probably give you the basics of what you need more clearly and compactly than any other book"—The Independent (London)

"High production quality…detailed information… can be read as much for pleasure as practicality."—Library Journal

"Sensational photos, superb maps, and prose that's authoritative."—San Francisco Chronicle

"Succinctly written text and marvelous photography."—Chicago Tribune

"Rich with photography, maps, and historical context."—Los Angeles Times

"Quality is the watchword."—New York Newsday

"Has it all: depth, breadth, and a wealth of practical information."—Bookpage Magazine

"Brimming with great colour photography and timely facts."—The Toronto Sun

"Handsome and informative."—The Washington Times

"Sure to push some competing titles off book counters."—The Oregonian

"Glossy, interesting, and colorful…for all travel collections."—Library Journal

''Sensational photos, superb maps, and prose that's authoritative.'' —San Francisco Chronicle

''It's like reading and looking at a really in-depth National Geographic essay.'' —Seattle Times

''All the glossy thoroughness you would expect from the brand name, with an impressive list of contributors.'' —The Times (London)

''Some of the handsomest volumes you'll ever find on a shelf of travel books.'' —Toronto Star

''Filled with beautiful photography, and excellent color maps; after all, this is National Geographic, a publisher that's had about a hundred years experience in doing this kind of thing.'' —The Tennessean

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