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The Wild West DVD-R

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Before cowboys and before the Gold Rush, there were the original outlaws of the West—the truly untamed animals that call America home. Elephant seals settling their scores with blood; black and brown bears prospecting for pink gold in the form of thousands of salmon; and bobcats exploring the New World alone.

Join National Geographic as we venture inside the coasts, deserts and mountains where these wild creatures roam.

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  • 1 disc; 135 minutes, 3 episodes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2013

Title List

Gold Rush
The Pacific coast is the final frontier of America’s iconic Wild West, and battling for survival here are animal counterparts to legendary characters like gold prospectors, land barons, frontier families and lone rangers – and they settle their scores in blood.

High Noon
Its high noon in the barren deserts of the Wild West, and a host of wildlife face extreme conditions and threatening adversaries in their daily struggle to survive.

True Grit
The Wild West is an American legend, but for the animals that live in the jagged heart of the vast Rocky Mountains, that legend is reality, with animal counterparts to iconic figures like outlaws and lone rangers, settlers and bounty hunters.