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Emperors of the Ice DVD



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In the frozen wilderness of Antarctica, where oceans ice over and just staying alive is an achievement, one creature has perfected the art of survival—the emperor penguin. Emperor penguins are sublimely built to conquer the cold—but in a world threatened by climate change, can they take the heat?

Parts of Antarctica are warming, giving birth to huge icebergs, and the consequences could be catastrophic in a place where all life is touched by the ice. Using Crittercam, scientists hitch a virtual ride under the ice with the emperor penguin to study the impact of climate change on the penguin's world.

Bonus features: Crittercam: Inside the Emperor's World; Wild Chronicles: Leopard Seals.

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  • Approximately 52 minutes
  • © 2007
  • Widescreen

 Emperors of the Ice DVD
 Emperors of the Ice DVD