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Lockdown DVD



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Lockdown plunges head-first into the gritty underworld of some of America's most fearsome prisons. Three thrilling hours provide an unprecedented immersion into life in the "big house": vicious gang leaders, a "prison pretty" newbie, and a gangster turned rat. In this world of absolutes, predators stalk their next prey, gang commanders order hits from isolation, and inmates are armed with deadly weapons. But the prisons are striking back. Institutional weapons of choice include state of the art surveillance and old school isolation. Officers are armed to the hilt with steel batons and pepper spray. Our cameras are there, in the middle of this real-life war zone, where only the strong—and the devious—survive.

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  • Approximately 156 minutes
  • © 2006

Title List

Programs Include:

  • Lockdown: Gangland
  • Lockdown: Predators Behind Bars
  • Lockdown: Inside Maximum Security

 Lockdown DVD
 Lockdown DVD