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Secrets of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites DVD

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Its name means ''city of peace.'' But as a focal point of three major world religions, and home to some of those faiths' holiest sites, Jerusalem has witnessed 3,000 years of bloody conflict, intrigue and passion. National Geographic, with exclusive access, intimately explores locales held sacred by Christians, Jews and Muslims.

From footage filmed inside the magnificent Dome of the Rock to the vast underground expanse of Solomon's Stables to the traditional sites of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, it's a spellbinding journey into this ancient, multilayered urban landscape of war, worship and timeless wonder.

Bonus feature: interactive timeline - The Crusades.

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  • Approximately 52 minutes
  • © 2006

 Secrets of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites DVD
 Secrets of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites DVD