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Is it Real? DaVinci's Code DVD



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Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene actually married with children? Do their descendants still walk the earth today? Has a secret society called the Priory of Sion existed since the time of the Knights Templar and do they hold the secret to the bloodline of Jesus Christ? Could the infamous quest for the Holy Grail relate to this secret? And did Leonardo Da Vinci know the answers to all of these questions and hide clues for the rest of us in his art?

In short, is any of Dan Brown's international bestseller The Da Vinci Code real? National Geographic Channel's hit series, Is it Real? seeks the true answers.

Bonus features: interactive map of key DaVinci Code locations.

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  • Approximately 47 minutes
  • © 2006

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 Is it Real? DaVinci's Code DVD
 Is it Real? DaVinci's Code DVD