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Gabon: The Last Eden DVD



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Gabon is an unlikely Eden where relentless predators stalk prey in lush forests, and primates, who have not yet learned to fear man, live right alongside forest elephants. Against all odds, one visionary African leader and a group of dedicated scientists defied the conventional wisdom that insists oil and logging are the only way to bring prosperity to an impoverished land. Out of the wild they created 13 new national parks—and are now developing an eco-tourism industry to sustain them. Gabon: The Last Eden tells this amazing story with stunning footage— silverback gorillas defending territory, mandrill baboons' faces splashed with day-glow color, and hippos wallowing in the ocean—exploring one of the planet's last true wildernesses and what is being done to save it.

Bonus feature: photo gallery.

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  • 1 disc; 50 minutes
  • © 2007

 Gabon: The Last Eden DVD
 Gabon: The Last Eden DVD