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Odzala: Islands in the Forest DVD



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Hidden deep inside the Republic of Congo lays Odzala National Park, a dense, isolated rain forest that humans seldom visit. National Geographic journeys into this untamed world to explore its remote reaches. From forest elephants and lowland gorillas to water buffalo and cattle egrets, Odzala: Islands in the Forest features a remarkable cast of animals that coexist around a swampy watering hole called a bai.

Witness rarely seen wild creatures, and discover how their unique behaviors unwittingly serve each others' survival. Featuring incredible close-up cinematography, this fascinating film transports you into a mysterious ecosystem still all but untouched by modern development.

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  • 1 disc; approximately 54 minutes
  • © 2008

 Odzala: Islands in the Forest DVD
 Odzala: Islands in the Forest DVD