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Navajo Turquoise and Sterling Silver Watch

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Believed to embody virtues like wisdom, good fortune, and health, turquoise has been an important part of cultures as diverse as the ancient Egyptians, the Navajo, and the Tibetans. For the Navajo in the American Southwest, the stone is part of rain ceremonies where it represents the connection between sea and sky.

A Navajo artisan working in Arizona hand-sets turquoise cabochons within swirls of cast sterling silver, all of which surround a Japanese quartz watch face on a heavy-duty elastic band. Stones will vary slightly.


6" circumference, 1/2"W.

Cultural Facts

Believed to bestow the wearer with courage, luck, health, and protection, turquoise has been used in jewelry making for millennia by cultures as diverse as the Navajo, ancient Egyptians, and Tibetans. Turquoise can range in color from light yellow-green to dark blue, and usually contains turquoise matrix, the dark veins of other minerals with which it developed. It figures in the creation myth of the Anasazi Indians, who tell that the tribe first entered the world through the mouth of a New Mexico cave that is now a turquoise mine. In Tibet, the sky is called "the turquoise of heaven," and both men and women value jewelry featuring the gem in sky blue hues. Turquoise is sometimes given as a love token to one's betrothed, because its color is said to remain pure as long as the affection lasts.