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Shark Men Season Two DVD Set



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Shark Men Season Two follows a crew of world-class anglers and leading shark experts with the skills and raw muscle needed to haul monster sharks out of the water for an unprecedented study.

The Shark Men have generated headlines with their unique research effort as they catch, tag, and release massive great white sharks in the wild in order to unravel the mysteries of the great white’s life cycle—where they are born, how they mate, where they migrate, and where they congregate. In season two, the crew sets out to land even more great whites, collecting more samples and data to support their theories about shark reproduction. And no one on the team will mind if, along the way, the crew breaks its own records for catching and releasing the largest sharks ever captured.

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  • 3 discs; 429 minutes total
  • Widescreen
  • TV-PG
  • © 2011

Title List

Episodes include:

  • Surfing with Sharks
  • Young and Hungry
  • Murky Waters
  • Hot Water
  • As Big as a Boat
  • Biggest and Baddest
  • Deadly Sea
  • Renegade Shark
  • The Cannibal
  • Giants of the Deep

 Shark Men Season Two DVD Set
 Shark Men Season Two DVD Set