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The Best of Lisa Ling 2-disc DVD Set



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One of the most respected young voices in journalism, Lisa Ling was the dynamic host of National Geographic Explorer seen every week on the National Geographic Channel. She became known to millions when she was co-host of The View. Now as an investigative journalist, Lisa's job includes exploring the phenomenon of female suicide bombers, the hidden and dangerous culture inside American prisons, hunting down cocaine processing labs in the Colombian jungle, going head-to-head with narcotic-trafficking guerillas, venturing into active war zones, and trekking through Nepal with two eye surgeons who are bringing the gift of sight to some of the country's most remote villagers.

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  • 2 discs, 6 episodes; approximately 285 minutes total
  • © 2005

Title List

Episodes include: Surviving Maximum Security, China's Lost Girls, Female Suicide Bombers, Miracle Doctors, The War Next Door, and Iraq's Lost Treasure.

 The Best of Lisa Ling 2-disc DVD Set
 The Best of Lisa Ling 2-disc DVD Set