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Knights of Mayhem DVD-R
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In this high-stakes, high-action series, National Geographic follows top jousters Charlie Andrews and his team as they struggle to put full-contact jousting on the map—taking it out of Renaissance fairs and transforming it into a global phenomenon and pushing the boundaries of professional sports. But in order to realize this dream, they’ll face daunting odds...and more than a few critics.

National Geographic goes behind the scenes with Charlie and the men in the troupe, documenting their financial struggles, internal fighting, clashes with rivals, and their battles to make each stage bigger than the next in their attempt to draw crowds that will attract the big investors needed to take full-contact jousting to the next level.

Episodes include First Blood, The Harder They Fall, Big Money, Big Pain, Threat to the Throne, Battleground Vegas, and Return of the Black Knight.

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  • 2 discs; 6 episodes; 270 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2011

Title List

  • First Blood
  • The Harder They Fall
  • Big Money
  • Big Pain
  • Threat to the Throne
  • Battleground Vegas
  • Return of the Black Knight

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