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Creatures of the Deep 4 DVD Set

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Venture deep below the surface of the sea, and experience the magnificence and mystery of the ocean's most intriguing creatures in this collection of critically acclaimed National Geographic classics. With more than 200 minutes of compelling underwater footage, the Creatures of the Deep collection brings you face-to-face with some of the most incredible species of the water world.

Bonus feature: Creature Profiles and Facts.

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  • 4 discs; 220 minutes total
  • © 2008

Title List

Programs include:

  • Devils of the Deep: Jumbo Squid
  • Killer Whales: Wolves at Sea
  • Dolphins: The Wild Side
  • Tiger Shark: Predator Revealed

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 Creatures of the Deep 4 DVD Set
 Creatures of the Deep 4 DVD Set