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In the Womb DVD Collection



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Revolutionary 3-D and 4-D ultrasound imagery sheds light on the delicate, dark world of a fetus as never before. Cutting-edge technology makes it possible for us to explore each trimester in amazing new detail. In In the Womb, follow a rare fetoscope operation, performed in utero with the hope of correcting life threatening complications before birth.

In the Womb: Animals takes you inside the hidden world of animal pregnancy in a way never before possible. Featuring state-of-the-art visual effects, computer graphics and real-time, moving 4-D ultrasound imagery to take viewers inside the unique world of animal fetal development, these remarkable pictures shed light on how an elephant, a dolphin and a dog develop in the womb.

In the Womb: Multiples explores the extraordinary world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they develop in utero. Watch quadruplets as they engage in their first interactions with each other.

Finally, In the Womb: Identical Twins follows the embryonic and fetal journey of one of nature's most fascinating reproductive miracles. Witness key moments—from the spontaneous splitting of a single fertilized egg into identical twins to the major milestones of twin fetal development, ending with their dramatic births.

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  • 4 discs; 4 episodes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2009

 In the Womb DVD Collection
 In the Womb DVD Collection