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Icons of Power Slipcase DVD Set
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They governed the greatest empires, kingdoms and nations of their time, and their power was often absolute. These remarkable sovereigns, rulers and conquerors could—by a single act, decree or whispered aside—better the lives of their people or condemn them to an existence plagued by war and deprivation. What made each one so special? How did they come to power? And once they assumed the mantle of leadership—whether by birth, by fiat or by deadly design—what did it feel like to rule? Find out with this popular National Geographic series.

Bonus feature: interactive timelines.

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  • 4 disc set; each disc approximately 90 minutes
  • © 2007
  • Slipcase

Title List

Includes: Empress of Ambition, The Madness of Henry the VIII, Napoleon's Final Battle, and The Wrath of The Tsar

 Icons of Power Slipcase DVD Set
 Icons of Power Slipcase DVD Set