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Hard Time Season Two 2-DVD-R Set



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Behind bars, there are two sets of rules: prison protocol and convict code. To survive one, you might have to break the other. So begins another day in a brutal world, where respect is hard-won, time is distorted, violence is a constant threat and redemption is an elusive quest.

Hard Time Season Two reveals more gripping stories of life behind bars for a gritty long-view into a hidden world of prisons. With inside access, National Geographic follows both those who work and those who serve time—from nonviolent first-time offenders in a military-style boot camp to repeat criminals in ''Hi-Max,'' the most extreme disciplinary environment allowed—tracking the hazy line between control and chaos.

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  • 2 discs; 8 episodes; 360 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2011

Title List

Episodes include:

  • The Hustle
  • Prison City
  • Breaking the Rules
  • Female Offenders
  • Against the Wall
  • Prison Gangs
  • Back on the Streets
  • Worst of the Worst

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 Hard Time Season Two 2-DVD-R Set
 Hard Time Season Two 2-DVD-R Set