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Hellenistic Bracelet - Pearl

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The jewelry of ancient Greece's relatively brief Hellenistic period (323-146 B.C.) is famous for its intricate detail and superior skill. This period saw great improvements in techniques like filigree, complex hand-braiding, granulation, and stone-setting. Popular themes were the "Hercules knot," rosettes, and animal torcs (a large rigid neck ring).

Greek artisans use prototypes passed down from past generations of gold- and silversmiths to create this sterling silver bracelet inspired by Hellenistic motifs. The caps feature a pair of freshwater pearl beads, believed by the ancient Greeks to symbolize the tears of joy shed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love.


Handcrafted in Greece. Sterling silver with freshwater pearls. Adjustable. 2 3/16"W across the widest point.