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Secrets of the Titanic 100 Year Anniversary DVD Collection



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National Geographic remembers the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic with a special collection including the original classic Secrets of the Titanic and the new special Save the Titanic with Bob Ballard.

After years of painstaking research, Dr. Robert Ballard finally located the ill-fated R.M.S. Titanic, nearly two-and-one-half miles down in the icy Atlantic. Secrets of the Titanic reveals the spectacular original images and on-location footage captured of the legendary shipwreck.

In Save the Titanic with Bob Ballard, Dr. Ballard revisits the ship in an entirely different way—from the perspective of those who set sail on her some 100 years ago. Traveling to the shipyards of Northern Ireland to retrace the path of the doomed ship from her very incarnation, Ballard is driven by one personal question throughout his journey—will the Titanic survive another 100 years? As evidence mounts that the ship is under siege by natural forces, careless visitors and even rogue salvage operators, the man who found her teams up with the families of victims and survivors to protect the legacy of history's most famous ship.

Bonus Programs: Last Hours of the Titanic, Behind the Scenes, Q&A with Dr. Ballard.

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  • 1 disc; DVD-9, 97 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2011

Title List

  • Secrets of the Titanic
  • Save the Titanic with Bob Ballard.

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 Secrets of the Titanic 100 Year Anniversary DVD Collection
 Secrets of the Titanic 100 Year Anniversary DVD Collection